Worried about a young person's behaviour or mental health?
You're not alone. If you think your young person is unhappy or if you are worried about their behaviour,
it’s easy to be hard on yourself and think you aren’t doing a good job.
The following tips are for any parent who is worried about their young person, or their own parenting skills:

You can find more advice on when to think about getting professional help,
and what to do, if you are concerned about your young persons’ behaviour, in our
10 Reasons Why Young People Go to Counselling Section

A word from our counsellors

If you're questioning treatment for your young person, err on the side of caution and contact a professional. If your young person isn't interested in therapy, however, don't worry. Many young people are hesitant to talk to someone.Encourage your young person to try therapy for a few sessions and then, you might allow him to make the decision about whetherto continue. If your young person outright refuses counselling then you can meet one of the team for a parental support session andyou may be able to gain new ideas and skills for helping your young person cope better