What issues do we work with?

Teen counselling works with the wide range of issues that young people and their families/carers experience at adolescence including:

  • behavioural problems at home, in school or in the community
  • emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, low mood and self-harm
  • family breakdown
  • bereavement
  • trauma
  • bullying
  • substance abuse
  • experience of being in care
  • gender and sexuality
  • Are we the right service?

    The first port of call is the HUB team where our clinical admin secretaries can guide you in relation to your query. They may pass you on to the intake team for a more detailed discussion of the referral in advance of your making the referral

    How do I make a referral?

    Complete the referral form which can be downloaded by clicking here: Referral Form

    What happens after I make a referral?

    The intake team comprising Fidelma Beirne, Senior Social Worker, and Maura Leahy, Senior Psychotherapist, make a decision on whether or not Teen Counselling is the appropriate service for the young person and family. The completed referral form is processed at an intake meeting with the following possible outcomes:

  • Accepted: on waiting list
  • Not accepted: with feedback to referrer with reason why
  • Further clarification required: this may take the form of a phone call to referrer, a meeting with referrer or a meeting with parents
  • Is teen counselling appropriate for every young person?

    Our aim is to work with as many young people and families as possible. However, there are limitations to the service we can provide. The following are examples of when we suggest a more specialist service.

  • Young people who are at a severe level of difficulty where a more specialist service may be appropriate at that time
  • Young people for whom talk therapy is not appropriate, or challenging to engage in, due to a communication difficulty or limitation caused by for example, developmental or intellectual disability
  • Direct referrals of sexual abuse- we do not take referrals of young people who are awaiting assessment of an allegation of sexual abuse/assault. Where sexual abuse/assault is the primary reason for referral we recommend a more specialist service
  • We are not crisis service. Young people experiencing active suicidal ideation or engaging in significant self-harm may require a more intensive intervention to keep them safe. We advise GP, CAMHS and Pieta House for these referrals